Glo Free Browsing Flawlessly With Ltn Handler + Video Tutorial

Xup guys, There is a just modded a UC browser app named LTN handler which is very stable and the download speed rate is quite amazing to compared to uc browser handler. And this thread will also be equipped with a youtube video tutorial and don’t you forget to like, share , comment

So What’s LTN Handler

LTN handler [loyalteams Forum Of Nigeria] is a modded UC browser modded by jams and has been enhanced in a lot of ways to browse and flex your glo unlimited free browsing using Glo Cheat without speed frustration and right on the GO.



  1. It has a good navigation and good layout design.
  2. Friendly user interface as refers to the no 1 for more clarification
  3. It has an amazing downloading speed rate, especially when downloading files with it.
  4. It resumes files quickly within the twinkle of an eye.
  5. It this a modded and design by @jams the author of this post lol. Me least some little credit to me(%) ((

So now that you really have one or two or actually ideas of LTN functionality and the advantages it comes with. So now let’s have the settings of LTN to browse with LTN Handler.

The setting is quite the same with UC browser handler if you’ve ever used it to browse using Glo. But will still drop the settings for you guys for the sake of some.


  • THEN YOUR LTN HANDLER WHICH THE DOWNLOAD LINK CAN BE FOUND RIGHT BELOW THIS POST. You can only download the file here Download LTN UCbrowser.apk

GLO Settings With LTN Handler
Launch your already downloaded apps
And use the following setting in configuring it;

  • Tick remove port
  • Proxy Type: Real Host
  • Proxy server :
  • Real Proxy Type : Http
  • Real Proxy port : 80

{filename}-Glo Free Browsing Flawlessly With Ltn Handler + Video Tutorial .
And the save your settings

How To Download Heavy File With it Using Web Proxy Server
Here are the list of the proxy server we were able to find, that’s working perfectly with Glo unlimited free browsing and they’re as follows ;


And here, we’re making used of for this tutorial.
Go to any movie download site and download any file or movie you want to download.
And after doing this, you will notice that the download won’t start.Just tick the one that failed to start and Check the details and copy the download link on the detail
After doing all this, then choose any of the proxy above but like I said earlier I will be making use of for this tutorial.

So just input into your browser.
So, after accessing the site, you will notice a blank site and right below it, there is a text with name ‘Go
Just paste the download right through the empty box, and then click on the go button, it will bring a pop like you always receive when downloading file,

just accept it and then feel the speed.
And here is a screnshot from one of the file download with.

{filename}-Glo Free Browsing Flawlessly With Ltn Handler + Video Tutorial

Note :
Make sure you Rename it to whatever file extension you’re downloading, eg. It make bring the download pop u with extension (go.php) so Rename to the file name with its extensions like I am downloading game of throne, short word it will be got.mp4 cause mp4 is the file extensions. Perhaps, those listed web proxy can resume file in downloading process as we’ve made a full test on it.

Bonus Tips
Use Wi-Fi with it and thanks me later or buy me a a lunch :p

Here goes the video tutorial on youtube.

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And don’t forget to hit the like button and also drop your comments if this works for you and if it is not working for you, do let me know through the comment section and would be very glad to help.

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